Five Ways Reading Promotes Better Ageing.

Protects Cognitive Health

People who read every day are continually learning new things. It might be about a city or country where the story takes place or about a career a character in the book is pursuing. That increase in knowledge helps give the brain the workout it needs to stay healthy.

Maintains Concentration 

Reading also helps seniors maintain or improve their ability to concentrate. In a culture obsessed with multi-tasking, attention spans seem to be decreasing. Getting absorbed in a good book can help you improve your concentration skills.

Reduces Stress

5 Ways Reading Promotes Better AgeingAnother health benefit of reading that isn’t as obvious is stress reduction. The newest thriller by your favourite author or an interesting article in a magazine dedicated to one of your hobbies can help you forget about your troubles for a while. That is important, because stress is linked to negative behaviours like overeating, smoking, and excessive drinking.

Improves memory

Once you retire and leave the working world behind, it can be easy to slip into a routine that includes watching television for long periods and engaging in too many passive activities. Reading requires you to focus on and remember the details of the story. That recall helps maintain or improve memory.

Provides opportunities to connect

Older adults who enjoy reading might also find it provides an opportunity to connect with and meet new people who share similar interests.