Supporting our loved ones in a changing world.

By Cecilia McShane

As the number of COVID-19 infections continues to rise globally and schools, factories and major shops and facilities remain closed, we realise the significant impact that the coronavirus is having on our world.

National and international lockdown regulations have people adapting their behaviour amid the most uncertain economic environment the world has faced in decades.

For most of us, the global situation we find ourselves living in seems more like a script from a dramatic novel, and the news resembles a movie script. This is the reality to which we must adapt.

Supporting our loved ones in a changing worldThe outbreak brought not only fear and distressing times, but also unity, kindness and appreciation showed towards our communities, and essential workers – those people tasked to carry the fight against the virus and helping and protecting the greater population. People have displayed drawings of rainbows in their home windows to spread hope during this time. Across the world there have been many good changes too: quality of air has improved in most urban areas, wildlife and nature are flourishing.

But how do we support our elderly during this uncertain time?

Ageing immune systems make it harder to fight infections, diseases and viruses; but older adults need social connection now more than ever. Contacting them telephonically daily, engaging the grandchildren or sending them a message just to let them know you are thinking about them, can assist with dealing with the anxiety of isolation.

Care in Midstream set up scheduled Skype conversations with the residents and families, and we experienced the joy on their faces every time the image of a beloved son, daughter, grandchild or even a family pet is displayed on the screen. The encouragement received from the families, and the beautiful messages is a powerful way to elicit positive emotions from the elderly.

As always, love cures and helps improve general wellbeing.