Listen to the Elders!

We should listen to our elders, not because they are always right, but because they have more experience in being wrong.

Listen to the eldersListen and learn from seniors. And why not? Just living for so many years gives them the advantage of seeing the world longer and understanding people better.

Here are ten timeless tips from our seniors:

Learn to be youthful

Youth is not just a time in life; it is a state of mind. It’s that attitude that lets you take calculated risks and make mistakes until you learn from them. Make the most of your youth, but also learn youthfulness.

Be flexible

Flexibility and independence in this wild, wild world are worth learning. If you have never stepped out of your comfort zone, now is the time. Seniors have learnt the knack of being independent and flexible, and handling big responsibilities – all while having adventures!

Get off that high horse

An important habit of learning from seniors is to be kind and humble. The elderly will always remind you that you don’t know what others are going through. Just observing some older people in our lives can help us empathise with others in various situations.

Grow a funny bone

In a world where venting out is cool, and bitterness and jealousy compete with each other on social media, who doesn’t like someone who lightens up the mood and makes you laugh hard? Seniors often remind you to find humour in life.

Make your own decisions

Worrying about what people will think or say can paralyse your happiness and talent. Our seniors often enjoy the peace that comes with freedom from worrying about the perceptions of others – it is a great example.


One of the best things you can learn from older adults is to stick to your priorities. Everyone around us is so busy with schedules and chores – you don’t know which problem to tackle first. Life is constantly throwing attention-seeking needs at you that can quickly throw you off balance if we don’t know how to prioritise our time.

Fight your fears

Imagine how life would be if it were filled with just happy moments? Would we ever appreciate the good times? Probably not! We all have to hit rock-bottom at some point in our lives. We’ve got to take rough with the smooth to balance out in the end.

Keep a backup plan

Seniors may take risks – but they are very smart. They have always asked us to be cautious about life – because they have seen that life is a rollercoaster.

La Familia

Can you imagine your life without family? Well, ‘family is not just love, family is everything you got on earth.’ The elderly will keep pushing you to make amends and stick with your family – they know its value when we cannot see it.

You only live once

As they end their life-journey, the lesson elders emphasise often is about living your life to the fullest. They’ll advise you to take the risk. Quit that unsatisfying job or that unhealthy relationship. Focus on what truly matters. Stop whining and create your opportunities. Leave no room for regrets.