Short term nursing accommodation or respite care

Care in Midstream's short term nursing home or respite care offers caregivers an opportunity to take a refreshing break & prevents caregiver burnout

Care in Midstream’s respite or holiday care is one of Midstream’s most important community supports for its retired population. “Respite care, or holiday care, is short-term accommodation in a nursing home,” explains Dr Theresa Coetzer, Care in Midstream’s managing doctor. “Our short-term guests are provided with nursing care to their required level for a short period, as well as accommodation and hospitality services during that time.” When a spouse or loved one develops a need for care, many retired couples choose to provide care for their loved one in their own home. This home caregiving is fulfilling and an opportunity to learn new skills; however, it can lead to periods of caregiver burnout, or periods where the caregiver feels overwhelmed, sad, exhausted or anxious. Even the most patient and loving caregiver may become burnt out in response to the demands of non-stop caregiving. It’s essential that the caregiver can turn to community resources for relief support at this stage. Care in Midstream’s short-term nursing care and hospitality offers home caregivers an opportunity to take a short holiday, attend to important business or take steps to nourish their health. “One of the most important parts of a home care plan is understanding that caregivers need care too,” continues Dr Coetzer. “Ideally, caregivers should permit themselves to take time for activities that refresh their spirits or to attend to important aspects of their own lives, such as their administration matters or health. Spouse caregivers are often not prepared for the enormous physical and emotional toll it takes to devote oneself to the care of another. Short-term nursing care is not just a support for the caregiver, it is important for the person receiving care. Relief care ensures that caregivers can attend to their health and needs, which then ensures better quality care.” Holiday care can be the most important tool in avoiding caregiver stress and burnout. It helps to sustain the health of the primary caregiver, and in so doing, supports the health of the person receiving care. Holiday care can also help to introduce the person receiving care to a nursing home environment and its benefits, which include professional nursing care and assistance, and regular social activities. “Holiday care is a wonderful way to see whether your loved one will fit well into the life of an active ageing community,” explains Dr Coetzer. “It’s an unpressured way for potential long-term residents to try out the accommodation and get used to the staff, the routine and the activities. Usually, our holiday care residents are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to adapt to our relaxed home environment.” Care in Midstream has various communal areas, all luxuriously furnished. WiFi, coffee stations, DSTV, a braai area and playground for children ensure that it is comfortable for residents to entertain guests and visiting family. Skype enables the overseas family to keep up on family news. Care in Midstream offers short-term nursing care and accommodation for residents who require various levels of care, including assisted living, frail care and dementia care. Residents take part in regular daily activities, including baking, arts and crafts, games, exercise, support groups and so on. Accommodation is provided in private luxury suites with en-suite bathrooms. For more information,  please contact Care in Midstream on 012 940 9380 or
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